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Press Start

27 Feb

It’s the start of our first documentary adventure. We’re still working out a title, but we believe this is going to be a great documentary because we are loving it already. So far we’ve been watching and recording the Ithaca College Gamer Symphony Orchestra, a group of students who arrange, perform, and conduct music from video games. I have to do my best to refrain from humming along to my favorite pieces.

We already have our first interview finished. We spent an hour with ICGSO founder Michael Samson as he told us about the orchestra and his passion for video games and music combined. It was very fun for all three of us, and I’ve enjoyed my time watching what he does for all of the other students.

We spent some time with the GSO a couple of weeks ago, but this past Sunday we were with them for three hours, getting footage of the (very manly) chorus practicing for music from Skyrim, an open-world action-roleplaying game. We then filmed the strings’ rehearsal and later the rest of the orchestra. Boy, is that a lot of music to love.

Kyle and I have our fingers crossed for what we hope will be one of our next interviews.

– Carly

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