The second interview

7 Mar

We had our second interview today, once again with a member of the Ithaca College Gamer Symphony Orchestra. This time we sat with Tiffany Lu, a graduate student getting her Master’s in conducting, and she’s also a conductor for the GSO. Filming this time went much smoother than in our last interview (which we had to reschedule thanks to the camera deciding to turn to black and white). We also had no issues with sound, and I am loving how great dialogue sounds with a lav mic.

We were short on time with only 30 minutes in the Hockett Green Room, so thank goodness there were no problems! We set up the tripod and the camera while we waited for the music students in the Green Room to leave, and then it only took us a few minutes of adjustments to get everything ready once we were inside. We were able to speak with Tiffany about her experience as a casual gamer and what she loves about conducting for the GSO.

We finished right at 3:00 and were able to pack up quickly. Hooray! With some time to spare of our own, we did some b-roll of the Whalen building itself, inside and out. We plan on filming one more rehearsal before their concert, but other than that–we’ve got most of our on-campus footage finished.

Our third interview is tomorrow…

– Carly


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