Interview #3

12 Mar

Last Friday, March 8, we interviewed Alex Ryan, a student at the University of Maryland and a leader in that school’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra. This was a pretty big deal because the UoM orchestra is pretty much the premier group of its kind in the country, has played at several big gaming events and the inspiration it and its members provide is in large part why the IC Gamer Symphony was formed in the first place. We conducted the interview via Skype due to the distance and used a program I downloaded from the Internet called ECamm: basically it was an add-on to Skype that gives the program recording capabilities and saves video as a Quick Time movie. At some points the sound was off a bit and the video was blurry (that’s Skype for you) but overall the interview went very well technically speaking (most likely we can fix the audio issues in editing) and from a content perspective. Alex shared his view of why video game music should be considered an art form; like our former interview subjects Michael and Tiffany he spoke on how the experiences of players in any given game are deeply linked to the game’s music and that hearing the music again brings out the emotional circumstances and feelings experienced when first playing the game. The interview lasted about an hour, after which we packed up and headed out for spring break. One week off from this crazy documentary…but when we get back we’re looking to interview Austin Wintory, the man behind the nearly Grammy-winning music of Journey, as well as a sound editor with Treyarch’s Call of Duty games.



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