Interview 4 and Finalizing Footage

24 Mar

On Friday we interviewed Shawn Jimmerson, a sound designer for gaming company Treyarch. Shawn has done sound for many popular games including the Call of Duty: Black Ops series and Call of Duty 3, and talked about how much effort it takes to make video games sound and feel real to the player. Sound is a major component of making a game feel realistic, as without correct and naturally placed sounds the entire experience can be thrown off, and help to draw players into the experiences of the characters and the overarching story of the game. The interview also took place via Skype and was about a half hour in length.

On the production side of things, this coming week is technically supposed to be our last for shooting, and today we will wrap up footage from the GSO’s rehearsals, but our shooting will most likely last until the end of next week as well with the GSO’s upcoming concert and our now-nearly definite interview with Journey music composer Austin Wintory. Now the editing process begins…


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