Interview 5 and First Cuts

31 Mar

This week, we began the process of editing and finalizing our project as a rough cut version for presentation in class. So far we have a rough idea of what the first several minutes of the documentary will look like; an orchestral tune-up soundtrack accompanied by several still shots of the group practicing, music sheets and other game memorabilia, followed by several short clips from interviews with members of the orchestra as to their experiences with video games.

On Friday we also interviewed Shota Nakama, a Japanese-born musician and composer who currently lives in Boston and directs the Boston-based group VGO (the Video Game Orchestra). Shota spoke about the accomplishments of his group since their founding in 2007-2008, as they have become one of the premier groups in this musical field and have performed at many prestigious events. Their fusion of orchestral sound and pop-rock band elements make them a very unique and interesting ensemble to follow, and once again Shota talked about the fact that in today’s musical world, video games have been elevated to an art form just as valuable and moving as classical composers (he was classically trained, after all). Looking forward to the concert this Tuesday, and another possible interview with Austin Wintory!


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