The Concert

7 Apr

We’ve pretty much wrapped up filming! Last Tuesday was the Gamer Symphony Orchestra concert. Kyle’s friend Nate assisted us with filming so that we could have three cameras set up: two on either side and one from the audience’s view behind the conductor. As for my experience, I had a piano set up to my left, so my view ended up being rather restricted (thank goodness for the two other cameras!) and I could only get shots of the woodwinds and strings as I had to keep Kyle and a photographer out of frame, as well as navigate around the pianist with limited room. The first piece was from the game Skyrim, and it had a male chorus. I filmed them and then just before the second piece began, I quickly raised the tripod as high as it would go and leveled it out again. I caught a few happy faces on both the musicians’ and audiences’ faces during the concert, and it was definitely a fun experience for all!

We’ve now started working on our rough cuts and going through interviews. The hardest part is trimming down interviews. There are just so many good things said that it’s hard to cut anything out! It’s hard to believe that it’s already April 7th, and it’s time to step it into high gear and edit, edit, edit.

There are also new stills from what we’ve filmed! Check them out under the media tab.


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