Rough Cuts, Radio and More Editing

15 Apr

This past week was an exciting one for our documentary’s progress, starting with a great deal of more editing. We’ve looked through all of our interviews and pulled the clips we will most likely use, so this just leaves us to fill up time with more b-roll, music and other assorted visual and audio methods. For our documentary class on Thursday we presented a rough cut version of the project to the other students in our class, with a 2-minute opening sequence, several b-roll shots with music and segments of our best interviews; the entire thing was about 7 minutes long. We got mostly positive feedback from our group as well as some very helpful constructive criticism; people were overall very interested in the topic, even if they didn’t personally play or like video games, and they agreed the music was spectacular. Things they did want, however, included actual shots from the games themselves, which could be tricky to provide under copyright law, but after doing some research we concluded it might not be as much of a problem as we thought.

Additionally, our documentary got a bit of publicity this weekend when we were featured in a pre-recorded segment for the Sunday night local news show Ithaca Now, on 92 WICB, IC’s radio station. My partner Carly talked in detail about the making of the documentary, the filming process, contacting people for interviews and our total experience in making this film so far. Check it out here:


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